Year Of Stronger


Rewatch the entire year of Stronger series here! Stronger series is a series 

dedicate to the entire  2021 year to become stronger followers of Jesus Christ, which in turn would strengthen every area of our lives!



Stronger for Generations

Quit Looking Around

Where Will You (DI)

No Prerequisites Required

Who You Talkin' To?

Where Worlds Collide

Burnt or Built?

Who's Your Daddy?

But I'm Under Grace

Court is now in Session

Resurrection in Me

3 Days Later

Easter Sunday

Relationship Requirement

No Loopholes In Love

Are You Willing?

Duty or Desire

Run To Win

Vantage Point

But Should I?

God, You, Me

Importance of Communication 

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Cover Me

I Recognize That

What Problem?

Fighting Filters

Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom 2.0

Who Do You Believe?

Finding Freedome Even When It Hurts

Oh Holy S*#&T!

There is a gap for a reason

But Wait..There's More

It's Christmas Time

Some Assembly Required

Theres a better way

Tongue Twister

What About We?

Guest Speaker Cole Phillips

Dream work makes the Team work

The Revelation of Resurrection

I'm looking forward to it

Final Instructions and Big Reveal

OG Snuggie

Depending on God's Grace

Im in it to win it

It's Better on This Side

Internal Veils, External Vessels, Eternal Victory

The Gift of New

we Finally Made It! Christmas Eve at Revive 

Twas the morning after Christmas

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