Where we are focussed on GET TO GIVE and being generous to the city that God has placed us in!  We don’t get to have, we get to give! When we do that, God will make sure we have enough left over! 


Zaytoven-Unlikely Unity

It comes in all shapes and sizes

Balanced Generocity

I've Got Seeds In My Pocket

The Art of Authority

For the Love of Communication

Dedication, Deception and Discernment

Don't Discount The Children

Trials or Trails

Trials or Trails 2.0

Last, but Not Least

The icurable Disease

The Full Circle

Multi-Faceted Messiah

This is My Testimony

Finish What You Started

Building for the Future

It Takes A Village

Be Like Barney

Heart Matters

Can You believe It?

Can You Let It Flow? 

Can You Work It?

Can You Handle It?

Can You Save It?

Be Like Enoch

Greater Things

It Won't Return Void

Kingdon Action

Greater Things

Don't Forget Where You Came From

Taking Your Promise Land

You've got a friend in me. Part 1.

You've got a friend in me. Part 2.

The Alks of Faith

Special Abilities

Yes. God Heals

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