Revive Recap November '22

We are so pleased and very excited to unveil and roll out our new monthly newsletter.  This will replace the currently existing “What’s Up Wednesday” segment that you may have referred to in the past.  It will include a message from Pastor Derik on the state of the church and have an uplifting message of hope, faith, or vision.  It will be a recap of all the things that have been happening here at Revive Church in the previous month.  Each month there will be inspiring information as to the number of people that have received salvation, have re-dedicated their lives to Jesus, amazing personal testimonies, the number of people that joined Regroups and completed the Jumpstart track as well as updates on missions and outreach giving and how it has greatly impacted all of our surrounding communities. There will also be a Dream Team “member of the month” and some upcoming Special Events may be included. We’re certain this information will be helpful, and you will enjoy this new addition to our church.

 A message from Pastor Derik 

Dear Partner,

This year has truly been an amazing year. There have been so many accomplishments that we have achieved

as a church and lives that have been changed. I sit here thinking of all the things God has done. We have been in a year of Provision, believing God to provide in a big way for those who need it most, and that is exactly what we have been able to do! We have a goal this year to believe in the Lord for the ability to give away $60,000 and also believing in the Lord to receive $100,000 in a Resurrection Offering to go towards the finished construction in our new facility. So far this year we have received $67,201.76 which has gone toward the installation of our new cafe, heat pumps and so far the new construction of the Next Gen Room. We will be starting construction at the end of October!  We have also been able to give away $38,072 so far this year in local and international missions, outreach and benevolence! In previous years we averaged to give away $22,000 a year, so this is a complete miracle! However, I do want to share this portion with you. I mentioned it in church a couple weeks back, but even though we have seen a tremendous increase of giving overall this has seen a small lack in our General Tithe Donations. We currently are $19,000 short in our General Tithe budget, which has put a hit on the savings we had left after the purchase of the building. May I ask that you would prayerfully consider what the Lord puts on your heart in regards to your tithe?  If you either aren’t tithing and God leads you to trust Him and to begin tithing or possibly increase it. Whichever way God provides is up to Him, however, I know He has been faithful over these last 8 years in ministry and He will not stop now!!  On to better news! Our church has grown more than 50% this year in attendance and has seen dozens of people saved, healed, and restored! This is truly the year of provision! Our Next Gen Warrior Youth Group has grown tremendously and with the leadership of Alicia Sheldrick has seen a significant increase in Youth outreaches and activities for these teenagers to do as a community.  God’s will is to bless His children just as you and I want to bless our children.  He saw our struggle through the obedience we showed through the pandemic, and He has rewarded us with a home we could never have imagined!! This is just the beginning church! We are on the foundation-laying portion of a massive expansion God is building for His Kingdom to expand! Your prayers couldn’t be more important during this time! When things are going well it is not a time to get complacent! We must dig our heels in even harder and go after it in the Spirit! Believe God for more and pray against any weapon of the enemy! The most notable characters in the Bible fell when times were good, not when they were bad! So let’s not put our shield down and rest. It’s time to keep believing by faith and watch God continue to work wondering right before our eyes! 


In lieu of this upcoming Holiday season, our leadership team decided it was important we join together as a church in a short season of fasting and prayer! For some, this winter brings a lot of fear for fuel prices and even for some the idea of the holidays is not fun. So beginning on the week before Thanksgiving, we invite you to join us for a 7 days of Fasting and Prayer. November 14th - 20th.    


Thank you and the Lord’s rich blessing to you in Jesus name,

Derik Kerber



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For the month of October, we had an ReGroup attendance rate of 43%.  In a healthy church 40 - 50% of your weekend attendance is considered healthy. 

As for giving, the national average is that only 10% of a church's attendance is giving, but ours is 108% of our average church attendance has given in one way or another to  our ministry.  This is wonderful news! 

We have so many wonderful people here at Revive that are willing to serve and be the hands and feet of Christ.  Out of our average attendance of 105 adults there are currently 76 people serving.  That's an astounding 72% of our attendees.  This is amazing because the national average for church servants is only 40%! 

Even our Jumpstart Track is thriving.  Thirty-five people have enrolled to date and nine people have completed it! 

This last month we have had 8 people receive salvation and agree to commit their lives to Jesus. What an awesome accomplishment!!


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Check out this testimony how God is moving through Revive Church!

Tom and I have been attending Revive Church for just over a year. The past year has been transformative not just as individuals but as a family.  We have dedicated our lives to Christ, dedicated our children to God, and after ten years together we got married. 


I grew up going to church but lived in a divided household. My mother was faithful in attending church, but my father to this day does not believe there is a God. Every Sunday my sisters and I had the choice to go to church or stay home with Dad and do something fun with the promise of candy.  At some point in high school I stopped attending church.


Tom grew up in Poultney.  His parents divorced when he was young. He only attended church for weddings, funerals and a few times with his father when he was released from prison.


We started dating when I was 21. We had a fairly normal life.  We moved to Fair Haven when our oldest daughter was two. We LOVE Fair Haven and the community we live in. When Janelle was four she started asking about God and attending church. I had many reasons as to why we would not be taking her to church. Shortly after our second daughter was born I gave in and started researching churches in Fair Haven. Tom made the suggestion of “that Kerber church in Poultney.”  We had seen them for many years in the Poultney parade and attended different Halloween outreaches as well. I said “sure”, and we attended our first service at The Gorge with an eager five year old and newborn. We experienced God that first week and agreed to try it out again the following week.


Fast forward a few weeks. We had been experiencing God every Sunday and felt so welcomed by the people around us. We had the discussion of__ are we really doing this? We decided if we were going to do this whole God thing we were doing it all the way and fully committing our lives to Him. 


I’m so glad we made the commitment to live fully for Christ one year ago. God has blessed our family in so many ways. We love our home at Revive and we have been able to develop meaningful friendships.


The chances of accepting Jesus as an adult  are statistically very small. It’s easy to look back and say what if? However, God’s timing is perfect. He has a purpose for each of us. He doesn’t care if you left, he wants you back. He doesn’t care if you have never stepped foot in a church, he wants your heart. 


~Tom and Amber Myers


"The Spirit and the bride say, "Come.” Let anyone who hears this say, “Come.” Let anyone who is thirsty come. Let anyone who desires drink freely form the water of life."  Revelation 22:17