Revive Recap July 23'

A message from Pastor Derik

Dear Valued Partner

Say Yes. It’s a simple yes that may lead you into something you never dreamed possible! This was the resounding theme at the recent men’s Warrior conference that we had the privilege of taking thirty-one men from our church to this conference. At this conference, over 400 men gathered to worship our Savior and King!! We all left there with a new sense of urgency and conviction to live in community and openness! We live in a day and age where sin abounds, but where sin abounds, grace abounds even more!! We as the people of God should be pressing in more fervently than we have ever been doing before – into our relationships with God, our community, in our churches and into our families to counter this advancement of evil agenda and idolatry! We are carrying the answer to the world’s questions of emptiness and hopelessness! This answer is found in Jesus Christ! As we focus on Him, He transforms us into His image. When we are His image, we mirror His love to a world that so desperately needs it!! So keep up the good fight of faith, and don’t ever give up!!! You are more than enough!!


Summer is finally here and with this good weather it ushers us into the beautiful shores of local lakes and hiking to the tops of the Green Mountains. Not only does it usher in these great outdoor activities, it also ushers in a new preaching series called, “ATM: At the Movies.” Starting on July 9th and continuing for 4 weeks, we are going to be using clips from popular family movies and using them in a gospel message! This is a great time to invite new friends and family and introduce them to our church!! Every Friday night leading in the ATM Series, we are hosting a free movie night of that movie being played that Sunday, and our Next Generation will be providing the concessions and dinner to support their summer outreach efforts! This is a community-inspired event, and you are more than welcome to invite as many people as you possibly can to join us!!

God Bless,

Derik Kerber

Lead Pastor

Revive Church

Where it is our mission to

"Change Lives, Reach the Next Generation, & Impact the Culture for Jesus"

Monthly Look Back

The "End" Game

We are so happy to report that we had five people that made the decision to give their life to Jesus. We are obtaining our mission to “Change Lives”. As the word says in 2 Corinthians 4:17, “For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”

Do Unto Others

Giving here at Revive Church increased from June last year compared to this year by 77%. Thanks to your amazing generosity this allows us to help support our church, our community and many of those among us. In addition, we had six first-time guests. Keep spreading the good news!



Before going to the men’s conference, I felt a huge lack of male friendship/camaraderie and a lack of a sense of enjoyment around a large group of other guys. I have had some negative experiences in the past that seemed to confirm my insecurities and the lie that it’s better off to not have any friendships that went deeper than surface level. Sure I could be transparent with some but I didn’t text people to talk throughout the week or hang out with anyone for fun. It was all about whether or not the relationship served a purpose instead of the relationship being the purpose in and of itself.

I often was a loaner loner and didn’t really feel like I fit in with groups. I didn’t share similar interests like watching sports or drinking beer like those around me and I lacked knowledge and confidence about how to build or fix things. So I did not feel like I would be seen as a real man who could be accepted into a group. I’ve always worked with, lived with and got along better with women throughout my life. I could relate better with them but also there was always a limit as a man with them that left me even more lonely.

While I was at the conference, I had several positive interactions and experiences with my brothers around me. I felt accepted and welcomed for who I am just as I am. I didn’t have to earn that or prove my right to it in any way. I found I could trust them to help me with whatever struggles I had and help me carry the burden by being strong for me and having my back. I found true and powerful healing through fully honest and forthcoming confession - holding nothing back. It was powerful and healing because even though the person I confessed to knew what I saw as the most evil and darkest part of me, they still loved and affirmed me with compassion and grace, while challenging me to be called up!

Before the conference, I felt like I had to fight on my own and be strong enough in order to be a real man, but now I realize my need for other brothers in Christ, and I value my relationships with them so much more. Ever since then I’ve been texting, calling and meeting with my brothers on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I have deeper relationships! And they are only growing deeper deeply every day! Praise be to God! I see now the power of his command to love your brother and confess to one another!