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It has been an amazing year with so many amazing stories. We want to share them with you.

Letter From Pastor Derik


The year 2022 was truly a year we will never forget! It was the first full year in our new facility and boy were we ready for it! After 2-1/2 years of being portable through a global pandemic we couldn’t have been happier to have a place to call home and one that we own. As your pastor I want to thank all of you for sticking with Revive through this entire transition! It was a difficult season especially with the unknowns we faced in covid, but we are still here and stronger now than we ever have been. 


This past year was the year of Provision. Seeing the response from different people around the world giving to the initiatives we had was amazing! We almost tripled the amount we have given away in any year as well as accomplishing so many high-budget renovations to better facilitate the growth in our new building. Our hearts couldn’t be more full now being in our new home! However, we know it was God who brought us here and to Him goes all the Glory! 


We are excited for the momentum He is bringing in 2023 and invite you to take a bigger leap of faith this year than you ever have!! Some of the ways this could be done is through serving in one of our ministries, starting to tithe, connect in a ReGroup for the first time, or start being a mentor to someone in church or connect with someone needing mentoring. The new you starts with a decision. It’s a decision that you will be 100% sold out to Jesus and willing to do whatever He asks you to do!


Now this might sound like a lot, but I promise you this from experience, He will never let you down, and you will always be more fulfilled when you step up to the plate! Thank you for another amazing year, and here’s to a great year of Momentum! 

- Pastor Derik Kerber

Weekly Attendance









Mission Work

We funded worldwide mission work this year more than ever before. Jesus called us to help those in need, and that is exactly what we did.


 Between Africa, India and Nepal in the last year with the sewing programs we were able to bless and help at least 2 to 3 hundred girls. Between those who are poor, orphans and widows. The total sum of financial help for these three countries was approximately $10,260.-Jim Hetzel Missionary


You helped these beautiful woman Revive Church from your generous donations.


Sunday Serving Hours


Volunteer Outreach Hours


Jesus told us to "Go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation". Our heart's desire is to fulfill this command every day and make a difference in our community.

Our Goals of 2022

Greater Generosity
Greater Growth

Resurrection  Pledge Progress

Heat Pump Installation 100%
Youth Room Remodel 100%
Cafe' Remodel 100%

Yearly Finances

Tithes and Offerings $351,222.92
Amazon Smile $33.89
Interest Earned $25.67
Charis Bible College $18,900.00
Total Income $370,182.48
Facilities $86,435.41
Giving $49,762.16
Operations $99,753.24
Personnel $116,375.40
Special Events $11,875.08
Total Expenses $364,201.49

Our Year

Weekly Attendance

Dani Waters

Member Since 2021


"I felt led to this church when I found it online and we attended for the first time on Sunday. It was an amazing experience and the sermon had me moved to tears the whole time. Our daughter went in apprehensive and shy about joining a new group of kids, but left with so much excitement to return and even asked about how she could get baptized on the drive home. I feel we've found our church home!."

Hope Greene

Member Since 2020


"Yesterday was my second time going to a Sunday Service at Revive Church. Everyone is so helpful and kind, especially when trying to keeping tabs on two little ones. The ladies in the daycare room are so patient and loving.

The messages that Pastor Derek delivers are so insightful and truly come from the book of God. I’m very glad and thankful to feel so welcomed here"



Kathy Bosch

Member Since 2017


We started going to Revive Church almost 4 years ago. The time has flown so quickly and I can’t believe that we have been there this long. What I see there is a family sold out to Christ and a desire to spread the good news. I see our pastor who is relatively young in age but he is way beyond his years in spiritual wisdom. I’m thankful for the time we have spent there and I would hope that if you want to grow in spirit and truth that you would go to Revive Church. The door will be open to you and a smile will be waiting for you. But even more important is that the invitation to invite Jesus into your heart and grow in the knowledge of God is evidenced by the people who go there and the love that is shared. Bless you.



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